Eat-out disaster

With GREAT anticipation we went to a local grill experience the worst 'eat-out'disaster ever.

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Home-made Ciabatta

Its funny how you "think" that certain things just seems to be too difficult to make yourself....until you actually try and realise how easy it is to do it successfully.

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Home-made Pizza

Friday's are our comfort, easy meal days. It normally turns out to be a fun, day with all kinds of snacks like Ciabatta, pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers - all

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Home-made Pesto

Recently I bought a few pesto's; basil, rocket and sun-dried tomato. Convinced that it must be good because I bought it from a respectable retail brand. Only to find that it contains preservatives and sunflower oil.

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Home-made Ailoi

Since becoming aware of GMOs and all the "rubbish" that producers throw in our foods, I've been trying to home-made all kinds of food. One of my more successful attempts are making aioli - and its much better than any brand name, even if I have to say so myself.

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