Home-made Pesto

Recently I bought a few pesto's; basil, rocket and sun-dried tomato. Convinced that it must be good because I bought it from a respectable retail brand. Only to find that it contains preservatives and sunflower oil.

 Now, I know (and made a few pesto's) with olive oil and fresh produce but never would've imagined this popular brand to use sunflower oil. I mean, pesto is synonymous with olive oil! Went right away and made my own pesto again with different nuts, OLIVE oil, fresh rocket / coriander /  basil and it just taste that much better.pesto

  • A bunch of basil (or half a cup of basil),
  • 1-2 garlic,
  • hand full of pecan / pine / almond,
  • 1 cup of olive oil and a strong flavoured cheese like pecorino.

I've used feta with success too.

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