Home-made Pizza

Friday's are our comfort, easy meal days. It normally turns out to be a fun, day with all kinds of snacks like Ciabatta, pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers - all home-made.pizza

A winner over the years was our home-made pizza. We've learnt that "less is more". In the beginning we've packed our pizzas with all kinds of toppings, only to find that (probably true to the original Italian style) that its not the variety of toppings that counts for everything. pizza

Our best pizzas are those with only capers, cheese and onions, or pineaple and cheese.....basically less! I guess the base means everything.

So, we make our base with a combination of white bread flower and polenta, or sometimes hand-crushed flower. Let it rest for a while and then roll out, olive oil, tomato paste and the "less" toppings. Bake in our braai with a warm fire on clay pizza plates and.....there you have it. An enjoyable evening of wine, pizza, and company on the lowveld stoep!

Practice makes perfect. It took us awhile to perfect! Don't expect it to be a winner the first time around!

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