My interest in cooking started as a hungry adolescent, but it didn't stop there after I got married.  I also stayed alone for a few years and obviously had to cook for myself, and I hate monotony.  Needless to say, I constantly tried out something new, unfamiliar, and especially challenging. ss02x628

This journey is still continuing... trying out difficult cakes, tarts, dishes and whatever crosses my path.  Since we have learnt about GMO's, new scientific research on

 oils, fat, and low GI, preservatives, colourants and the like, this journey is growing by the day.  We are actually very privileged to have access to Masterchef, Jamie Oliver and "Come dine with me", (just to name a few) which expand one's ideas on cooking.

Lately, as family we like to cook the traditional way - traditional in the sense of home grown, stone grind, preservative free food.  Having a Pharmacist-wife, we're constantly looking at more healthier ways of living and over the years realised - less is really more!


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