South Africa is such a diverse country, there is actually no bad time to come. However, different seasons offer different things to experience.

Most visitors come to the KNP for the wildlife sightings. Despite the different conditions, the dry seasons will offer better opportunities during the dry winters months when the bush is less thick, but due to being the "dry" season, the veld is less lush/green. The wet summer season fill the rivers and waterholes, lush green bushveld and many newborn wildlife, offering a different but equally wonderfull safari experience. Each season offers its own attractions and experience.

  • summer (Dec - Feb): South Africa is a summer rainfall region except for the Western Cape, which is a winter rainfall region, making the Western Cape an excellent wine producing region. The rest of South Africa will be fairly hot and humid with lots of rain and occasional thundershowers. In the KNP, the veld will be dense, lush green with plenty of water in the rivers and waterholes. Towards the end of summer, less possibility of rain. Summer is also the hatching time of many animals which provides a different safari experience and is the predators' "buffet". Summer is also the time where birders may see many different species, especially the mogrant birds. The temperature can range between 16° & 34° C.
  • autumn (Mar - May): The veld and vegetation changes from thick lush bush to sparser brown veld, improving visibility on game drives, but less visually attractive. Also a good time tovisit. Occasional rain can still be found during Mar & Apr. Temperatures may be between 13° - 28° C.
  • winter (Jun - Aug): This is our dry and dusty season, which offers good game viewing opportunities due to the more open bushveld. Grass and vegetation is low and sparse and the trees will have shed their leaves. Due to the shortage of water, the wildlife will be generally found close to the existing waterholes and rivers which still have water. The temperature is generally cold in the morning and late afternoons, although mid-day can reach up to 28 C. Between 9° & 26° C.
  • spring (Sep - Nov): The end of the dry season approaching; hot winds, and still sparse vegetation. Good viewing possibilities, especially near waterholes and rivers. Temperatures may range between 12°- 28° C.

Therefore, the dry season is the best time to visit if your main concern is viewing the wildlife. Statistically, August and September is high tourist season. Because our seasons overlapse; we often just refer to Summer and Winter.

Whenever you decide to visit, you will not be disappointed.

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