Most tourists visiting Mpumalanga understandably only consider visiting the Kruger National Park.  However, Mpumalanga offers much more attractions like the Panorama Route with breathtaking views and geological formations.

The Panorama Route in Mpumalanga offers visitors breathtaking views of the beautiful landscape, waterfalls and the Blyde River panorouteCanyon.  The Panorama Route was established as part of Mpumalanga's Tourism and Parks Agency to not only attract visitors to the area, but also to preserve the cultural heritage and scenery.  

Apart from other breathtaking views and waterfalls, as well as cultural villages, one of the Panorama Route's main attractions is the Blyde River canyon.  The Blyde River Canyon is the third largest canyon (third to the Fish River Canyon and the Grand Canyon respectively) in the world and the largest green canyon in the world.  The area around the Canyon is also declared as a National Reserve, ensuring that the fauna and flora is preserved.  Various hiking trials through the Reserve and Canyon, provide for exploring an abundance of plants, birds and wildlife.  

God's Window offers an amazing panoramic view over the Lowveld escarpment.  It is said that it is so beautiful, that "even God has a Window" here.  From God's Window, one can appreciate the breathtaking views and indigenous forest vegetation.  Take a walk through the small rain forest to other breathtaking views over the escarpment.  

The Route also offers beautiful scenery, waterfalls and other natural phenomena like the Potholes, "Three Rondavels" and the "Pinnacle".    


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